Deadlines vs. Due Dates: Stress vs. Anticipation

Happy Monday to you.

Some of us are actually motivated by deadlines.  Interestingly, the root word beneath deadlines is the word “dead.” It is not surprising that deadlines usually bring anxiety and stress into our lives.

Deadline and Due Date

On the other hand, when a woman is expecting a baby, we ask, “When is the due date?” Why don’t we ask her, “When is the deadline?” Aren’t the 9 months usually tracked very closely on a calendar?

Due dates are usually received with anticipation and eagerness of looking forward to something new, while deadlines are seen as dates by when something needs to get done or else.

The energy that comes with anticipation is very different from the energy associated with stress.  The quality of the energy that you bring to any activity influences the quality of your life experience.  What’s the point merely getting things done and having a lousy experience?  Isn’t that the most important aspect of life?

The next time you want to get something done, try setting a due date rather than a deadline.

Please let me know how that works for you.  Have a great week!


About Krishna Pendyala

Author of "Beyond the PIG and the APE: Realizing SUCCESS and true HAPPINESS". I am a life coach, speaker and workshop leader. My vision is to enhance life on our planet by raising awareness of the ego, in a simple manner. My commitment is to empower men and women make better choices to achieve joy and fulfillment, without protracted struggles or huge personal crises. I believe we can create an enlightened society where inner awareness empowers people to thrive in harmony.
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